Walk-On Rowing

Join The University of Delaware Novice Men’s Crew Team

No Experience Necessary

The University of Delaware Men’s Crew Team would like to invite athletic men interested in rowing to participate in their novice team. Men with athletic background and height tend to excel in rowing, but the novice team is open to all types of athletes willing to competitively train in strength and endurance. As a walk-on, you will be taught the fundamentals of rowing and train for the competition alongside other novices and experienced varsity rowers. UDMC coaches will work with novices in technique and physical training to prepare them for highly competitive racing in which all novices will compete against other novices.

Racing includes duels and championship races along the east coast, challenging Philadelphia area colleges as well as Ivy League contenders. Coaches organize their teams into as many 8+ racing shells as they can fill; there will be no cuts for novices, all rowers will participate. Rowers will be grouped into a weight class and will work with coaches, coxswains and other rowers in their weight class. Below is a break down of the weight classes as well as coach’s contact information.

Looking forward to another successful year,

The University of Delaware Men’s Crew Team

Heavyweight Rowing

Open Weight

Many of our walk-on rowers have previously participated in sports such as football, wrestling or cross-country. Walk on rowers with athletic background and size integrate quickly into the sport and become competitive with experienced rowers. Heavyweight training includes weightlifting as well as endurance training on and off the water. Rowers typically average 180 lbs and 6’0”.



Weight Max

Both heavyweight and lightweight teams have opportunities for men and women to participate as coxswains. Ideally, coxswains are of smaller stature averaging 120 lbs. Coxswains have the responsibility of steering the boat, encouraging the rowers, and working with the coach to correct rowing technique, all of which will be taught to them by the coaches and experienced rower.

Contact: Jaime Trunley
jtrunley@udel.edu 973-508-4170

Lightweight Rowing

Weight Max

Lightweight rowers train on and off the water to maximize their speed for competitive racing. Height and endurance along with athletic background provide an advantage to rowers, but success in the sport is attainable by all athletes. Typically, lightweights average 155lbs. and 6’0”. Walk-on lightweights are mixed with experienced recruits allowing them to pick up the techniques easily.