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On Saturday, March 4th 2023, the University of Delaware Men’s Crew team will be holding an “all-day” rowing challenge, with athletes rowing as far as they can over an eight hour period on an ergometer (rowing machine). The goal is for athletes to total as many meters rowed as possible within the time frame to raise $20,000 towards transportation for the team and operational costs. A large portion of our operational costs goes towards paying dues for our members who are unable to afford it, helping to increase our diversity and inclusivity. Individual sponsorship as well as business sponsorship is greatly appreciated!

Pictured: Delaware Men’s Crew Winning 2019 Varsity 1V with program founder and head coach, Chuck Crawford

Delaware Men’s Crew is a university club sports team with a storied rowing tradition that competes and trains at the varsity level. The coaches are volunteers and the student-athletes pay yearly dues. Like so many other programs, Covid has thrown the team for a loop. 2022 was the first year since 2019 in which the team was able to return to a full, normal race schedule. Over the course of the program, the Delaware Men’s Crew team has achieved at the highest level, often in defiance of the fact that we are not a varsity program. In 2019, the team won not only the Varsity 8 at our National Championships, the most prestigious and difficult event, but also the 2nd Varsity 8 and the Novice 4, defeating many varsity crews. This was accompanied by two other 4th place finishes and another two top 10 finishes by the various other boats raced by the team. Also of note is the many “All-American” rowers that the program has put out while maintaining this high level of performance. As a team we maintain an above 3.0 grade average on the 4.0 scale.

The Delaware Men’s Crew team is requesting your support to allow us to continue to compete at the highest level. Every little bit helps and all donations are deductible as advertising expenses!

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