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ACRA 2023 Recap

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The UDMC Freshman Novice Eight’s achievement of winning a silver medal at the American Collegiate Rowing Association (ACRA) national championship regatta is truly commendable. In a highly competitive field, they finished just a second behind the University of Michigan, ahead of crews from the University of Virginia and UCLA. This strong performance indicates promising prospects for the team’s future success as they continue to develop their skills and build their cardiovascular endurance over the next 2 to 3 years.

Men’s Freshmen post race on the dock

The UDMC Varsity Four’s qualification for the Grand Final and their sixth-place finish in a deep field, only 10 seconds behind the winner, demonstrates their competitiveness and dedication to competing at a high level.

Men’s Varsity Four

It’s fantastic to hear that Will Beardwood and Ralph Wilkinson won gold in the PR3 Adaptive Double event. The UDMC takes pride in supporting adaptive rowing and aims to be a leader in this aspect of collegiate rowing.

Additionally, the UDMC Freshman Novice Four showcased their strength and determination by finishing third in the C-Final, narrowly missing out on second place with a strong sprint and a thrilling photo-finish. The UDMC double also participated in a highly competitive field, further highlighting the team’s commitment to excellence.

Overall, the University of Delaware Men’s Crew has demonstrated their talent and commitment on a national stage, and their performances in various events at the ACRA regatta are a testament to their hard work and dedication.

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