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Delaware Faces No. 2 Princeton Tigers

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In a brutal headwind and chilly weather on Lake Carnegie, the No. Six ranked Blue Hens faced adversity against the No. Two Princeton Tigers and No. Nine Dartmouth Big Green. With a ten to fifteen mile an hour headwind with stronger gusts increasing throughout racing, the Fourth and Fifth Eights took to the water first against Princeton.

Princeton won each of the four races, starting with the Fourth and Fifth Varsity Eights. The Delaware Third Varsity stayed tough in the conditions and held off the Dartmouth crew by one length but couldn’t stay with the Princeton boat, who won by open. A similar situation played out in the Second Varsity race, where the Hens blasted past Dartmouth, extending their margin to fifteen seconds, but fell six seconds behind the Tigers.

To end the day, with the No. Ten Temple Owls joining the fray, the four Varsity Eight boats lined up at the start. Princeton snatched the lead early and stormed away throughout the race, winning by open water. Delaware dueled with Dartmouth down the course but could not overtake them, finishing behind the Big Green by just over one length. Against their Dad Vail foe, Delaware defeated Temple by just under twenty seconds.

Next week, both the Lightweight and Heavyweight programs will travel to the Kerr Cup Regatta in Philadelphia and see competition from the Dad Vail league.

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