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Delaware Men’s Crew is Looking for Walk-On Rowers.

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Interest Meetings are:

Wednesday August 29th 7pm

Thursday August 30th 7pm

In Gore Hall Room 303








Dear Student-Athletes looking for a new sport,

I’m James, the President of the Delaware men’s crew club. I wanted to take a minute to explain why you should consider rowing for the University of Delaware. We compete against (and often beat) the nation’s best Varsity programs, from Harvard to Temple, and have been very successful over the past few years, winning the men’s point trophy at the prestigious Dad Vail Regatta in Philadelphia in ‘08, ‘09 and ’10. When you beat a crew, you win their shirts and we have won literally hundreds of T-shirts from other schools over the past few years. Winning is our goal and our experienced coaches will teach you what you need to know to succeed. Some of our alumni (who started as walk-ons) have joined the U.S. National Team and rowed at world championship regattas.

For freshmen and walk-ons, just about all of the practices will be in the afternoon. You will train with other new rowers and compete against other new rowers. We are looking for competitive people with some experience in high school sports.

Rowing itself is demanding, physically and mentally, but the benefits are great as well. It teaches you how to work hard, function as a part of a team, and how to balance commitments. These are skills that will help you land a good job or gain admission to graduate school. Because of the dedication that is required, friendships that result are much stronger than those found elsewhere on campus. Also, being on the team will help your academics. I am a mechanical engineering major and have taken 16-18 credits each semester and have found rowing to help me organize my time to help in both schoolwork and rowing.

The team is a great community to be part of, especially if you’re looking for a way to stay active, compete and develop deep friendships. Please join us to find out more about the team at one of the two interest meetings (see other side of the flyer). Bring a friend to the meeting. We will tell you more about the team and the first practice. If you sign-up, you will learn how to row in 3 weeks, a skill you will have the rest of your life, before you need to commit for the season.

I look forward to seeing you at the interest meeting and on the water.

James Buckmann ‘13

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