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Lightweights battle Pennsylvania, Heavyweights battle the wind

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This past weekend the Blue Hens continued their season with their second races. The Lightweights competed in Philadelphia against University of Pennsylvania, Temple University and M.I.T. The Heavyweights headed down to Fairfax, Virginia to compete in the  Occoquan Sprints.

    The weather in Philadelphia was perfect for a race, Mid-50s with only a slight headwind and a good tail current. The Hens raced hard, the 1v and 2v finishing just behind the Penn. The 1v and 2v also finishing ahead of Temple and MIT crew with a margin of over ten seconds. The 3v did exceptionally well, finishing a length ahead of the Penn crew.

The Lightweights are gearing up to race Princeton, Dartmouth and Temple next weekend in Princeton, N.J.

    For the Heavyweights who raced a day after the Lightweights, they were not as lucky with the weather. With gusts of up to 30 mph the Crews battled not just their competition but nature. The JV8+ came second in their final. While the V8+ came first in their heat and posted the third fastest time between heats, the regatta had to be cancelled as the extreme winds had made the course unrowable.

    The Heavyweight’s next race will be in two weeks, in Philadelphia at the Knecht Cup.

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