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UD Student Walk-on Rowers – Sign Up Here

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If you are a male athlete who is a freshman or sophomore at UD, and would like to become a competitive rower, please enter your information on this contact form: 

 About half of the student-athletes on the University of Delaware Men’s Crew had no rowing experience prior to college. The UDMC is looking for competitive athletes on campus who would like to learn to row. 

Learning the basics of rowing takes about three weeks.  Like riding a bicycle or learning to snowboard, it involves a certain amount of balance and technique before you learn to apply your energy to move the boat fast. 

It is a great sport for college students who want to compete at a high level, because we race mostly varsity programs and practice in the fall, winter and spring. Best of all are the lasting skills, memories, friendships and networking opportunities. 

While rowing is hard work, you will find that if you apply yourself, your rewards will be proportionate to your effort.  You will be a part of a team that is motivated to do well on the water and in the classroom. You will race and often beat other prestigious schools. Many of our rowers, even walk-ons, have trained and rowed with the US National Team crews.   We have award winning coaches and treat the experience and training like that of a varsity sport. Whether you were a 150 pound swimmer in high school or a 195 pound football player, we have a seat for you. 


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