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UDMC Lightweights Sweep MIT and Post Impressive Results Against Harvard

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Delaware Men’s Crew Lightweights traveled to Boston, MA this past weekend to duel Harvard and MIT on the Charles. Conditions for the Harvard duel were intermittent wind and sun, and relatively calm water.  In the early morning Delaware’s 1st  Freshmen Lightweight 8+ lined up against Harvard’s Frosh, who proved to be tough competition for the Delaware Frosh, finishing just over 20 seconds above UDMC.


Following the frosh was the 3rd Varsity Lightweight 8+’s who maintained contact across the finish line with a 2.5 second margin, Harvard over UDMC. In the 2nd Varsity  Lightweight 8+ a just over 6 second margin put Harvard above UDMC. During the course of the 1st Varsity Lightweight 8+ duel, UDMC was able to match the speed of the Harvard 1V for the start of their race only allowing Harvard to open a 2.5 second margin by the finish, the closest margin UMDC’s past 1v’s have been able to maintain.

Later in the morning, lightweight crews lined up to duel MIT’s three Varsity 8+’s. In the 1v’s Delaware was able to open a 3 second margin by the finish putting them ahead of MIT. In the 2v, a similar margin was achieved resulting in a win for UDMC. The MIT and UDMC 3v’s raced with the UDMC 1F, resulting in both Delaware crews finishing above MIT with impressive margins of 10 to 14 seconds over MIT completing the team sweep.


This weekend was indicative of the potential speed that can be expected out of UDMC as the spring racing season progresses. UDMC would like to thank their hosts at the Charles, as well as coaches and officials. A special thank you also goes out to parents, friends and alumni who came out to support the Fightin’ 150’s this weekend.

Delaware is currently preparing for their weekend race against Dartmouth and Fordham. The location is still to be determined, but will be posted as soon as possible. We invite all parents friends and alumni to come out and cheer on the 150’s!

For the most immediate results and updates follow us on twitter! @delawarecrew


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