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Delaware Lightweights Have Fair Showing in Boston

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This past weekend was a long race weekend for UDMC with almost all boats, light and
heavy, racing twice. The Lightweights travelled to Boston to take on Harvard in the early
morning followed by MIT later on in the morning.

The lightweights travelled to Boston on Friday in preparation for their Saturday morning
races. Saturday morning met the crews with fair and sunny conditions that included a gusty cross/
head wind which remained throughout the course of the day. Races against Harvard began
around 7am with the Varsity 4 race. In this race Delaware took a third place finish behind
Harvard A and B and in front of Harvard C. The four was 22 seconds off the winning time of
7.23.2. The second race of the day was between the first freshman boats. In what turned out to be
a close and hard fought race Delaware bested Harvard by 3.3 seconds finishing in a time of
6.25.3. The freshman had a very successful day as the 2F also managed a win in the last race of
the early morning finishing 3.9 seconds ahead of Harvard at a time of 6.45.5. The next race after
the 1F was the 2V. In this race Delaware did not fare as well as Harvard took the lead right from
the start and slowly pushed away throughout the course of the race. Delaware ultimately finished
21 seconds off the 6.23.8 put up by the Harvard 2V. The third race of the morning was between
the first varsity eights. In this race Harvard had the advantage from the start and pushed away
throughout the race ultimately finishing 16.5 seconds ahead of Delaware in a time of 6.08.4

After a short rest Delaware returned to the Charles River Basin to take on MIT. The first
of these races put the Delaware 2V and 2F against the MIT 3V. Both Delaware boats were strong
off the start gaining a quick advantage before the Delaware 2V continued to push away winning
the race handily in a time of 6.34.0. The Delaware 2F was 13.6 seconds off the winning pace and
the MIT 3V was 34.3 seconds back. The second race of the morning saw the Delaware 1F take
on the MIT 2V. In a close and hard fought race Delaware was able to come from behind in the
second half of the race to take the lead and eventually push on to the victory in a time of 6.22.9
with MIT coming across the line 2.8 seconds later. The last lightweight race of the morning was
between the First Varsities. After a close start MIT was able to push away from Delaware and
maintain their lead for the duration of the race finishing in a time of 6.21.7 with Delaware
coming in 5.8 seconds behind.

Overall Delaware won four of the eight races in Boston this past weekend. The
lightweights will once again have a full race schedule this coming weekend (4/6). They will
travel to Connecticut to race Dartmouth in the early morning and then quickly travel to Overpeck
Park in northern New Jersey to take on Columbia in the afternoon.

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