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Weekend Racing Preview

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The lights are traveling to Boston to race Harvard and MIT in separate duals. The races against Harvard range between 7:30 and 8:50 am while the MIT duals are from 11 am to 12 pm.  Against Harvard, UD will race a 1V8+, 2V8+, 3V4+, 1F8+, and 2F8+.  Against MIT UD will race the 1V8+ against their 1V8+, the 1F8+ against their 2V8+, the 2V8+ against their 3V8+, and our 3V4+ against their 4V4+.

Lineups are as follows:

1V: Mike Lachant, Russell Garrett, Caleb Justis, Barrett Dickey, James Buckmann, Dan Salerno, Will Purman, Ryan Hilker and Danni Weader

2V: Dan Nieves, Joe Kenny, Pat Walsh, Conor Devine, Todd Summers, Justin Miller, Joe Mohnack, Dan McCole and Becky Lubker

3V: Tom Wilhelm, Matt Mercer, Nick Ippolito, Sam Wiles and Lauren Riley

1F: Dave Caspers, Marco Grant, Colin Dabagian, Corey Brown, Jake Marshall, Oliver Bazalgette, Mitchell Williams, Andrew Kershaw, and Chandler Clemens

2F: Chris Ramage, Will Ritter, Scott Menken, Dave Large, Chris Selvaggio, John McCarron, Jack Connors, Alex Shoemaker, and Katie Coats


The heavies are racing in the Murphy Cup in Camden.

The V8+ lineup is Nick Prust, Jack Neff, Carl Burgazli, Clayton Carr, Chris Prust, Rex Schilgen, Nick Indrisano, and Tim Abel. The other boats in their heat are Villanova, Virginia, Lehigh, La Salle, and Carnegie Mellon at 1:05 P.M., with the grand final at 3:42 and the petit final at 3:30.

The 1F lineup is Emerson Paradee, Sean McBride, Kevin Bichoupan, Aiden Gause, Dan Lewis, Ivan Ivanov, Matt De la Hoz, and Sean Leary. Their heat is at 10:59, and the other boats in the heat are Villanova, Bucknell, Drexel, Lehigh, and Bucknell, with the final for the top 2 boats in each heat and the next 2 fastest times at 2:42

The 2F lineup is Greg Kaczka, Ben Hearn, Carey Locke, Thom Harrington, Pat O’Kane, Nick Napoletano, Anel Mojica, and Ronnie Brulotte. Their heat is at 10:52, and the other boats in the heat are UNC, Williams, Fordham, Pittsburgh, and Virginia, with the final for the top 2 boats in each heat and the next 2 fastest times at 2:42

Hope to see lots of supporters out there for another successful weekend!
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