• Delaware Takes Three Wins at the Kerr Cup
  • Delaware Faces No. 2 Princeton Tigers
  • Delaware Defeats Penn and MIT
  • Lightweights Open the Season with a Sweep
  • Hens Cap the Season with Three Wins

Delaware Takes Three Wins at the Kerr Cup

High temperatures and a stiff headwind accompanied the Kerr Cup Regatta in Philadelphia. The entire Delaware team, both Heavyweights and Lightweights, notched three wins and four top three finishes across the day. Most impressively, the Varsity Lightweight Eight finished second against a strong heavyweight field. After qualifying through heats and semifinals, the new lineup of McCullough, Pereira, Hurley, Light, Buck, Kungl, Dough, Marello, and Snow exploded out of the starting…


Delaware Faces No. 2 Princeton Tigers

In a brutal headwind and chilly weather on Lake Carnegie, the No. Six ranked Blue Hens faced adversity against the No. Two Princeton Tigers and No. Nine Dartmouth Big Green. With a ten to fifteen mile an hour headwind with stronger gusts increasing throughout racing, the Fourth and Fifth Eights took to the water first against Princeton. Princeton won each of the four races, starting with the Fourth and Fifth…

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